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Get personalized coaching to deliver powerful transformation in the way you communicate, forgive and love. Resulting in an emotional rewire and the best mood ever

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You are working so hard. I see you. 

I see you wrestling with your relationships and feeling tense. I see you trying to get a handle on your low mood, and feeling worse when you can’t control it.

You’re missing connection in your life. Connection to your spouse, your friends, your children, your clients and community.

We’ll show you how to regain connection to the passion you felt in your relationships and your work.

Every day, I help coaches, speakers, and holistic health practitioners just like you find and repair those missing pieces.

I designed this method to get results at the deepest levels  

I'm Renèe Hughes, Certified professional aromatherapist, Certified natural health consultant and founder of The Mood Makeover Method™. 

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Perfect for Healing Troubled Relationships

If you are feeling heavy, irritated or disconnected and can’t seem to shake it – The Mood Makeover Method can help you discover peace in your relationships including the relationship with yourself.

Through our Mood Makeover Method, we teach how to achieve emotional balance and build flourishing relationships so that you laugh harder and love with ease and purpose.

We open the doors June 29, 2022
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Our doors open Wednesday June 15, 2022. Those on our pre-enroll list will be invited to a special event where they can have all their questions answered and officially enroll in Mood Makeover Method. Joining the pre-enroll list does not obligate you to join the program. However joining saves your spot in the program and entitles you to lifetime access to our classroom.